The beginning

Emma is the maker behind Lightly Framed.  Like all innovators, she was solving a problem for herself and discovered it was needed beyond her own home + family.  "Life," Emma says, "is richer when we are reminded of our favorite moments and simple treasures.  That's why we love posting photos and stories to social media so much."  The challenge is to take the digital ease of what can be done in a few taps on a phone into the real world.  For fun snapshots and kid artwork, who wants to fuss with measuring, hammering and all the steps required with traditional framing?  Not Emma.  She knew there must be an easier way to display...enter super thick chipboard frames complete with 100% removable stickers.  Lightly Framed launched in August 2012 (then called Indie Mats) and the story is still unfolding.  Join us!

You can experience the no-nail framing adventure, too.  Post something smile-inducing on your REAL-WORLD walls today!